All About Ishikawa

Hi!! Long time no see! haha. Today I want to write about my trip in Ishikawa. I was joining tour that held by Ishikawa prefecture government, “Ishikawa Tour”, and it was a very great tour! And here is my story, but sorry I will write this only in Indonesian language.


Halo halo~ kembali bersama saya, Putri di blog saya tercinta ini.. Yayy !! *naoon* *ceritanya kayak siaran radio* haha..

Sekarang saya mau cerita tentang pengalaman mengikuti Ishikawa Tour. Program ini diadakan oleh pemerintahan Ishikawa, Jepang, departemen pariwisata, untuk mempromosikan daerahnya. Mereka mengundang para mahasiswa internasional untuk mengenal lebih jauh tentang objek wisata di Ishikawa, dan juga berharap kami-kami ini dapat memberi masukan agar Ishikawa lebih populer lagi. Jadi intinya melalui postingan ini saya mau promosi daerah Ishikawa, tempat saya belajar selama 1 tahun terakhir :). Buat yang mau ke Jepang, jangan lupa mampir kesini yah. Ada yang bilang kalau udah main ke Ishikwa, udah kayak ngerasain tinggal di keseluruhan Jepang. Kenapa? Check this out!

Eh bentar, Ishikawa itu dimana sih? Lanjutkan membaca All About Ishikawa


Kanazawa, here I am

Only in Kanazawa (Hokoriku area) you can experience Rainbow, Sun, Rain, and Snow just in one day!

Yeah, Here I am! In Kanazawa, Japan. Lovely and beautiful place <3.

Haha, forgive me. I am a tropics people, that never had 4 seasons in a year. In my country, there are only 2 seasons, sunny and rainy. But, in sunny season, you can also have a rain, and in rainy season, you can also have a sun shining. So, in a year, you only have almost the average temperature, no extremely weather.

That why, when I go to Japan, and see cherry blossoms (sakura), green and red leaves falling down, snow, it was so amazing!!

Last time, I was joining Ishikawa tour program, held by Ishikawa prefecture government. We were go to Lanjutkan membaca Kanazawa, here I am

Cinta, Harapan, dan Kenyataan

Welcome to the jungle, they said. Really, hard to believe this. Now I’m twenties (23 exactly). I’m become older. Not child anymore. Now, I should have my own decisions.

Cinta, harapan, dan kenyataan.

Sulit untuk percaya, bahwa hidup, tak semudah yang dibayangkan. Tak semudah menepuk kedua tangan. Apa yang kita harapkan, apa yang kita prediksi, tidak pernah selalu terjadi, not always.

Saya yakin, dan selalu yakin, bahwa apa yang terjadi saat ini pasti adalah takdir, yang telah ditentukan sejak awal. Usaha yang kita lakukan, akan membawa kita ke arah bagian takdir mana yang akan terjadi. Begitu pula dengan “jodoh”. Haha.

Beberapa kali saya berproses, atau hanya hampir berproses untuk menemukan jodoh, namun ketika seseorang itu bukan takdir saya, sekuat apapun harapan saya, kami tidak akan dapat bersatu. Haha. Miris.

Saya ingin menikah.

Harapan ini sudah Lanjutkan membaca Cinta, Harapan, dan Kenyataan

*frustrating* part 3: Two Month Left

Two month and half to go. I am getting nervous. I was not learning much yet. About the language, major lecture (?), plan for next thesis, etc. In this two month, I don’t have many times left to prepare. My time will be used to other things. Ah! It was my mistake, not used the time properly. Watching the movie all day in free time, oversleep, and waste my time. COME TO YOUR SENSES! Eugh, my bad.

Oh pleaseee.. Your next journey is not just a place for ‘play around’. You go there bring the name of your country, city, university, and faith. Don’t take this too easy.

So, what should I do now?

Don’t waste your time anymore. Take your time. Don’t be tempted by the ‘free time’. YOU ARE NOT FREE NOW. Take it seriously. But do it calmly. Keep relax, but not lazy. Fast but not hurry. Yeah. You can do it now. Right now! Yes, right now.

18 January 2015
One day before I must face the reality
The holidays is end!

MPIA Summer Internship: The Fate

After my several “galau” posts, now I want to share my experience story about a…hmm…what should I say, hmm.. opportunity? the fate?  Ya, lets’ say that. It was happened in early of this year.

8 January 2014

It was ~3 month after my graduation day. I still don’t know what I should do now. I mean, I confuse whether I must continued my study, or just married, or work. Then, my supervisor messaged me, and told me that there was information of internship program from MPIA (Max Plancx Institute fur Astronomy) at Germany, the place where my senior, Tri, was working. And, deadline for apply this internship was 1 February 2014. What a great opportunity, right?

So I look the link that my supervisor gave, and suddenly my adrenalin soars. Why?


“The institute proposes students to stay for one to three months (with flexibility). Travel costs are supported and a salary is offered (about 1000€/month, and 820€/month net with full social benefits), as necessary.”

So it was because of money? No, not at all. But I was motivated by the salary. This opportunity was so interesting, you can learn and have experience to do a research and then you get salary for that. Irresistible, right? 😀

In their internship, they provide a theme that similar (or nearly same) with my bachelor thesis. And guess what, the supervisor of that topic is author of my favorite paper. Awwwww… I really want to join his research. Really really really want it!

It was Max Planck Institute guys!! The famous organization with so many successful researches in Astronomy. Don’t it will be such a great experience if you have been there for research?

And the last, fourth,
It was Germany bro, it was Europe!! I want to have experience to traveling Europe. After Japan, I want to know the culture of European people.

Actually, I have a little worried. I was afraid for being abroad alone. But, let’s try it first. I still have a chance to be selected not alone, since they not accepted 1 person for 1 country.

1 February 2014

So, I was applied this internship in the last minute. For apply this internship, I must sent curriculum vitae, grades, a brief statement about my wishes to do this internship, and TOEFL for non-native English speaker who are not studying in an English-speaking university (if available). Not a difficult requirements, right?

In that time, I was made my motivation letter with a “lebay” statements *haha*. And for the content of email, I write this: Lanjutkan membaca MPIA Summer Internship: The Fate


I … I… feel so confuse~. Next year I will study abroad, but, somehow, I confuse how to communicate with sensei there. In my bachelor degree, to communicate with my lecturer, which is using my native language, Indonesia, I thinking so hard how to be well mannered. When my sensei sent me an email, I feel confuse how to reply the email. I am afraid to make any mistake in my email. Really confused~

Any suggestion what should I do? *sniff sniff*

*frustrating* part 2: Advice

What a terrify subject, haha. Actually I want to use “Advice before study aboard: Japan” for the title, but… but… since I am not face it yet, and this advice make me little scared, so I choose this title.

This afternoon, after the mid exam, my lecturer was invited alumni of DDP’s student come to my class. They were told us about they experience in Japan. What should and not to do in Kanazawa, Japan. Really interesting, but some time it were make me not confident.

A: Culture of Japan and Indonesia is different enough, especially in time matter. If you have meeting in 1 o’clock, you must be there 10 minutes before. Being late is forbidden there~. One time you are late, they expectation of you will be down. And remember, your attitude have a value of country’s pride.

A: I was study in Om’s laboratory. Anybody here get the same sensei?
… (nothing)
A: So who are your sensei(s)?
Me: Sai** sensei
A: Oh! So it will be same. In Om’s laboratory, you have to seminar once or twice every week, in Sai** sensei laboratory it can be two to five times in a week.
Me: *headache*

A: There, the laboratory is like an office, just enjoy it!

A: You must be at laboratory before your sensei come, and go home after he leave.

A: Don’t be too noisy. They love silence. Generally, Indonesian people can’t life without talking *haha*, but there, especially in the laboratory you FORBIDDEN to be noisy. Haha. That will disturb the other.

A: When you walk or biking, don’t make a horizontal line, I mean, don’t walk in a row.

A: When you have a good work, they will give you more and more work. They will love you.
Me: So, if you don’t want to have so much work, don’t do a good work :v *wrong conclusion*

And.. the last quote that make me strong:

Don’t feel too burdened, not all Japanese people attitudes were good, and not all Indonesian attitudes were bad. Take the good one, and leave the bad one.

Hmmmm, what else?? I will add more if I remember.

So, Putri, what are you doing now?? You must work hard, do you?


*about the picture, don’t be like this, you are blocking the way! haha. This picture was taken when I was in Japan for winter school, 2 years ago. My friend, Retno, take this picture 🙂

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