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MPIA Summer Internship: The Fate

After my several “galau” posts, now I want to share my experience story about a…hmm…what should I say, hmm.. opportunity? the fate?  Ya, lets’ say that. It was happened in early of this year.

8 January 2014

It was ~3 month after my graduation day. I still don’t know what I should do now. I mean, I confuse whether I must continued my study, or just married, or work. Then, my supervisor messaged me, and told me that there was information of internship program from MPIA (Max Plancx Institute fur Astronomy) at Germany, the place where my senior, Tri, was working. And, deadline for apply this internship was 1 February 2014. What a great opportunity, right?

So I look the link that my supervisor gave, and suddenly my adrenalin soars. Why?


“The institute proposes students to stay for one to three months (with flexibility). Travel costs are supported and a salary is offered (about 1000€/month, and 820€/month net with full social benefits), as necessary.”

So it was because of money? No, not at all. But I was motivated by the salary. This opportunity was so interesting, you can learn and have experience to do a research and then you get salary for that. Irresistible, right? 😀

In their internship, they provide a theme that similar (or nearly same) with my bachelor thesis. And guess what, the supervisor of that topic is author of my favorite paper. Awwwww… I really want to join his research. Really really really want it!

It was Max Planck Institute guys!! The famous organization with so many successful researches in Astronomy. Don’t it will be such a great experience if you have been there for research?

And the last, fourth,
It was Germany bro, it was Europe!! I want to have experience to traveling Europe. After Japan, I want to know the culture of European people.

Actually, I have a little worried. I was afraid for being abroad alone. But, let’s try it first. I still have a chance to be selected not alone, since they not accepted 1 person for 1 country.

1 February 2014

So, I was applied this internship in the last minute. For apply this internship, I must sent curriculum vitae, grades, a brief statement about my wishes to do this internship, and TOEFL for non-native English speaker who are not studying in an English-speaking university (if available). Not a difficult requirements, right?

In that time, I was made my motivation letter with a “lebay” statements *haha*. And for the content of email, I write this: Lanjutkan membaca MPIA Summer Internship: The Fate


*frustrating* part 2: Advice

What a terrify subject, haha. Actually I want to use “Advice before study aboard: Japan” for the title, but… but… since I am not face it yet, and this advice make me little scared, so I choose this title.

This afternoon, after the mid exam, my lecturer was invited alumni of DDP’s student come to my class. They were told us about they experience in Japan. What should and not to do in Kanazawa, Japan. Really interesting, but some time it were make me not confident.

A: Culture of Japan and Indonesia is different enough, especially in time matter. If you have meeting in 1 o’clock, you must be there 10 minutes before. Being late is forbidden there~. One time you are late, they expectation of you will be down. And remember, your attitude have a value of country’s pride.

A: I was study in Om’s laboratory. Anybody here get the same sensei?
… (nothing)
A: So who are your sensei(s)?
Me: Sai** sensei
A: Oh! So it will be same. In Om’s laboratory, you have to seminar once or twice every week, in Sai** sensei laboratory it can be two to five times in a week.
Me: *headache*

A: There, the laboratory is like an office, just enjoy it!

A: You must be at laboratory before your sensei come, and go home after he leave.

A: Don’t be too noisy. They love silence. Generally, Indonesian people can’t life without talking *haha*, but there, especially in the laboratory you FORBIDDEN to be noisy. Haha. That will disturb the other.

A: When you walk or biking, don’t make a horizontal line, I mean, don’t walk in a row.

A: When you have a good work, they will give you more and more work. They will love you.
Me: So, if you don’t want to have so much work, don’t do a good work :v *wrong conclusion*

And.. the last quote that make me strong:

Don’t feel too burdened, not all Japanese people attitudes were good, and not all Indonesian attitudes were bad. Take the good one, and leave the bad one.

Hmmmm, what else?? I will add more if I remember.

So, Putri, what are you doing now?? You must work hard, do you?


*about the picture, don’t be like this, you are blocking the way! haha. This picture was taken when I was in Japan for winter school, 2 years ago. My friend, Retno, take this picture 🙂

Panic #day2


What’s the date today? 30th January? OK, it’s mean I still have 1 day more to submitting my application for summer internship at Max Planck Institute fur Astronomie. Today I have plan to finish my application since that will be not good if I finish it in the last minute, right? I will be panic, and do that in rush. I don’t want it.

That’s what I am planned. But suddenly my mom invite me to joining the trip (with my dad too) to Yogyakarta. There is a holiday, a great time to visit my grandma. FYI, my grandma was sick, she got a stroke since one week ago.

Of course I was panic! I must finish my application tonight, but I have to go this afternoon. Do I really must to go? *thinking hard* Errrmhh.. How if I not join your trip? If I am not join, so…I will be at home…alone! OMG! That’s not a choice. *thinking hard* What should I do? How if I finish it now? Ah, impossible. I will not have a great think/idea as usual if I am in panic. But finally I choose to do it now. That impossible, but I need to try. And FAILED (of course). Haha. I can not concentrate.

If you were me, what will you do?

20 minute later…

I open and read the website page which announce the internship. I read the whole page again, and guess what! The registration of the internship was open UNTIL 1st February, not BEFORE 1st February. Yeah! So I still have 1 day remaining to finish my application :p

When something happen, don’t be panic at first. Keep calm, and think briefly. So you can get a better solution. 🙂

Ah, what a day. Hope I get a safe trip. Bye!

On the bus,

30 January 2014


Percayalah, kau dalam lindungan cinta-Nya

Sandarkan lelah hari
Hilangkan duka kala
Kau terluka
Pedih hati

Tak selamanya indah
Kini mungkin akhirnya
Saat duka
Saat lara

Yang sudah berlalu biarkanlah sudah
Tak perlu sesali jangan kau tangisi
Jika asa dan bahagia tak kau rasa
Dengarkanlah dan rasakanlah

Kicau burung berdendang
Nyanyian alam
Riuh bersahutan
Betapa merdunya

Coba lihat dan renungkan
Langit garis tangannya
Hamparan samudra
Betapa indahnya

Kau dalam lindungan cinta
Maha segala Maha

Munsyid: Jamus Kalimasada

Paling suka bagian akhirnya, “percayalah, kau dalam lindungan cinta Maha segala Maha”

Ketika banyak pikiran, banyak yang harus dikerjakan, percayalah itu bukan sekedar beban.

Percayalah, beban itu ada agar kita bisa semakin kuat. Dan percayalah kita bisa menanggungnya, seberat apapun itu. Karena kau berada dalam lindungan cinta Maha segala Maha, Allah swt.


“Aku dan Perjalanan Mendaki”

Ada sebuah kisah tentang seorang pendaki gunung yang sedang dalam perjalanan. Sebut saja pendaki itu adalah aku. Sebuah perjuangan aku lakukan hingga pada suatu saat aku sampai di sebuah titik, sebuah bukit, sebuah harapan menuju puncak. Aku senang. Kini yang akan aku ceritakan adalah perjalanan ketika itu aku mulai berjalan lagi, menuju puncak.

Di tengah perjalanan aku melihat pemandangan yang sangat indah. Tentu saja aku tak mau menyia-nyiakan kesempatan itu. Aku berhenti dan sejenak menikmati pemandangan. Aku melihat ada bunga yang sangat indah. Aku bertanya pada orang sekitar tentang bunga itu. Ya, aku mendapatkan ilmu baru. Ilmu baru yang menyenangkan. Aku melihat ada pohon yang indah. Aku melihat ada buah di pohon itu. Aku kembali bertanya, buah apa itu. Ternyata itu adalah buah yang sangat enak, setidaknya untuk lidahku. Aku mengambil bunga dan buah tadi. Aku menyimpannya untuk ku tunjukkan pada orang yang aku sayangi. Aku menyimpannya agar suatu saat nanti bisa aku olah dan aku manfaatkan.

Tanpa sadar hari sudah terlalu larut. Lanjutkan membaca “Aku dan Perjalanan Mendaki”

Jangan Lebay, Put!

Kali ini aku ingin bercerita, berbagi hikmah dan sedikit curhat..

Suatu hari, belum lama ini, aku meradakan ke-futur-an yang amat sangat. Eh, kau tau apa itu futur? Em, sebut saja lemah iman. Ya, iman ku sedang turun.

Ketika itu, aku merasa malas untuk melakukan sesuatu. Ketika itu, aku jauh dari Al-Quran. Ah, barangkali ketika itu setan sedang sibuk bersorak sorai, malaikat di sebelah kiri ku sibuk mencatat, dan malaikat disebelah kananku terdiam tak mencatat kecuali sedikit saja.

Ketika itu, aku banyak memilih meninggalkan majelis ilmu dengan alasan yang sebenarnya tidak syar’i. Aku terlena, tenggelam jauh dalam “kenyamanan” dunia. Aku mulai terperosok, jatuh. Dan itu sakit. Ketika itu, aku belum menyadari dengan spenuhnya akan keterperosokanku.

Beberapa hari berikutnya, aku berjalan menuju salman untuk menjalankan aktivitas rutin. Sebut saja sedang menjalankan “amanah rutin”. Di salman, aku bertemu dengan teman-teman gamais, mata, dan orang-orang shaleh lainnya. Melihat mereka, menyadarkan ku bahwa aku sudah terlalu jauh. Ya, aku mulai sadar bahwa aku sedang terperosok. Aku sedih dan mencoba untuk bangkit. Berat. Terlalu berat.

Setelah itu ada daurah. Daurah yang biasanya meningkatkan motivasiku secara drastis. Tapi tidak untuk yang kali ini. Apa mungkin karena aku terperosok terlalu jauh? Entahlah. Tapi ketika itu aku kembali disadarkan. Bahwa aku sedang jatuh. Ketika itu pula aku mencoba untuk bangkit. Masih berat.

Selintas terbesit sesuatu dalam pikiranku. Lanjutkan membaca Jangan Lebay, Put!

Just a DREAM ???

“wah kyanya enak ya kalau ada kendaraan yang beraktivitas di udara, jadi ga kena macet”

“ah,, mana mungkin ada kendaraan yang bisa terbang,, mimpi lo!!”

Dulu orang-orang memang memimpikan ada kendaraan yang bisa terbang. Walaupun banyak yang menyangsikannya, namun para ilmuwan jaman dulu tidak berhenti untuk berusaha membuatnya. Dan pada kenyataannya, sekarang pesawat sudah menjadi alat transportasi yang biasa-biasa saja (ed: tidak aneh).

Jadi, apakah sebuah mimpi itu akan selalu “mustahil” ? Sepertinya tidak.

Masih ga percaya? okeh, contoh lainnya.

Thomas A. Edison, memimpikan dunia akan terang benderang di malam hari. Dia sempat dianggap gila.  Berbagai cemoohan menjadi temannya sehari-hari dalam setiap percobaan yang gagal. Apakah dia menyerah begitu saja? Tidak! Bahkan setiap kegagalan dia sikapi sebagai pembelajaran. Bukan, bukan gagal yang dia temui, tapi cara untuk mencapai keberhasilan yang semakin dekat.

Masih belum puas?

Nicola Tesla, salah seorang teknisi terbesar dalam akhir abad ke-19 dan abad ke-20. Tesla merupakan seorang perintis elektromekanik, tanpa kabel, dan daya listrik.

dan masih banyak lagi cerita orang-orang sukses yang berawal dari mimpi.

Anda pernah punya mimpi? Saya yakin pernah. Hidup tanpa mimpi serasa hampa. Iya ga sih? Tanpa mimpi, ga ada perubahan. Hidup monoton, apa Anda kuat?

Kalau kita pernah punya mimpi, jangan pernah mengatakan Lanjutkan membaca Just a DREAM ???