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Kanazawa, here I am

Only in Kanazawa (Hokoriku area) you can experience Rainbow, Sun, Rain, and Snow just in one day!

Yeah, Here I am! In Kanazawa, Japan. Lovely and beautiful place <3.

Haha, forgive me. I am a tropics people, that never had 4 seasons in a year. In my country, there are only 2 seasons, sunny and rainy. But, in sunny season, you can also have a rain, and in rainy season, you can also have a sun shining. So, in a year, you only have almost the average temperature, no extremely weather.

That why, when I go to Japan, and see cherry blossoms (sakura), green and red leaves falling down, snow, it was so amazing!!

Last time, I was joining Ishikawa tour program, held by Ishikawa prefecture government. We were go to Lanjutkan membaca Kanazawa, here I am


MPIA Summer Internship: The Fate

After my several “galau” posts, now I want to share my experience story about a…hmm…what should I say, hmm.. opportunity? the fate?  Ya, lets’ say that. It was happened in early of this year.

8 January 2014

It was ~3 month after my graduation day. I still don’t know what I should do now. I mean, I confuse whether I must continued my study, or just married, or work. Then, my supervisor messaged me, and told me that there was information of internship program from MPIA (Max Plancx Institute fur Astronomy) at Germany, the place where my senior, Tri, was working. And, deadline for apply this internship was 1 February 2014. What a great opportunity, right?

So I look the link that my supervisor gave, and suddenly my adrenalin soars. Why?


“The institute proposes students to stay for one to three months (with flexibility). Travel costs are supported and a salary is offered (about 1000€/month, and 820€/month net with full social benefits), as necessary.”

So it was because of money? No, not at all. But I was motivated by the salary. This opportunity was so interesting, you can learn and have experience to do a research and then you get salary for that. Irresistible, right? 😀

In their internship, they provide a theme that similar (or nearly same) with my bachelor thesis. And guess what, the supervisor of that topic is author of my favorite paper. Awwwww… I really want to join his research. Really really really want it!

It was Max Planck Institute guys!! The famous organization with so many successful researches in Astronomy. Don’t it will be such a great experience if you have been there for research?

And the last, fourth,
It was Germany bro, it was Europe!! I want to have experience to traveling Europe. After Japan, I want to know the culture of European people.

Actually, I have a little worried. I was afraid for being abroad alone. But, let’s try it first. I still have a chance to be selected not alone, since they not accepted 1 person for 1 country.

1 February 2014

So, I was applied this internship in the last minute. For apply this internship, I must sent curriculum vitae, grades, a brief statement about my wishes to do this internship, and TOEFL for non-native English speaker who are not studying in an English-speaking university (if available). Not a difficult requirements, right?

In that time, I was made my motivation letter with a “lebay” statements *haha*. And for the content of email, I write this: Lanjutkan membaca MPIA Summer Internship: The Fate


I … I… feel so confuse~. Next year I will study abroad, but, somehow, I confuse how to communicate with sensei there. In my bachelor degree, to communicate with my lecturer, which is using my native language, Indonesia, I thinking so hard how to be well mannered. When my sensei sent me an email, I feel confuse how to reply the email. I am afraid to make any mistake in my email. Really confused~

Any suggestion what should I do? *sniff sniff*

*frustrating* part 2: Advice

What a terrify subject, haha. Actually I want to use “Advice before study aboard: Japan” for the title, but… but… since I am not face it yet, and this advice make me little scared, so I choose this title.

This afternoon, after the mid exam, my lecturer was invited alumni of DDP’s student come to my class. They were told us about they experience in Japan. What should and not to do in Kanazawa, Japan. Really interesting, but some time it were make me not confident.

A: Culture of Japan and Indonesia is different enough, especially in time matter. If you have meeting in 1 o’clock, you must be there 10 minutes before. Being late is forbidden there~. One time you are late, they expectation of you will be down. And remember, your attitude have a value of country’s pride.

A: I was study in Om’s laboratory. Anybody here get the same sensei?
… (nothing)
A: So who are your sensei(s)?
Me: Sai** sensei
A: Oh! So it will be same. In Om’s laboratory, you have to seminar once or twice every week, in Sai** sensei laboratory it can be two to five times in a week.
Me: *headache*

A: There, the laboratory is like an office, just enjoy it!

A: You must be at laboratory before your sensei come, and go home after he leave.

A: Don’t be too noisy. They love silence. Generally, Indonesian people can’t life without talking *haha*, but there, especially in the laboratory you FORBIDDEN to be noisy. Haha. That will disturb the other.

A: When you walk or biking, don’t make a horizontal line, I mean, don’t walk in a row.

A: When you have a good work, they will give you more and more work. They will love you.
Me: So, if you don’t want to have so much work, don’t do a good work :v *wrong conclusion*

And.. the last quote that make me strong:

Don’t feel too burdened, not all Japanese people attitudes were good, and not all Indonesian attitudes were bad. Take the good one, and leave the bad one.

Hmmmm, what else?? I will add more if I remember.

So, Putri, what are you doing now?? You must work hard, do you?


*about the picture, don’t be like this, you are blocking the way! haha. This picture was taken when I was in Japan for winter school, 2 years ago. My friend, Retno, take this picture 🙂


A   : Have you prepared yourself to go to Kanazawa? How about the scholarship?
Me: I still don’t have it (scholarship) yet. *worried*

B   : I know you have so many home works. But, you MUST learn more and more about quantum physics. Quantum in Astronomy that you have learned here (in Astronomy Program Study) is not enough. You must learn the higher level of this, since in Kanazawa you will get much, much, and much higher level of quantum physics.
Me: *shock*

C   : Have you done all of your homework? Tomorrow is the exam day. The home-works must be sent to the lecturer before the exam.
Me: I have nearly 12 (big) home-works and I don’t even understand all of it, how can I finish it in the short time? 😦 *nosebleed*

D   : The proceedings must be sent at end of this month. Have you sent it?
Me: I haven’t even made it 😦 *fainting*

E    : you have so many tasks to do, what are you doing in this time??
Me: *frustrating*

Oh GOD, help me~
I think this year, and the next two years will be the challenging time. *sniff sniff*

If I continue my study in Astronomy, maybe this will not happen. Since all lecturer in Astronomy very kind and care. Also I can ask everything to them, everywhere, every time. Also, I have so many friends to discuss. Astronomy is absolutely my comfort zone.

Sometime I must leave my comfort zone to upgrade my skill. Muahahahaha *ngomong naon atuh put*.

SO, Let’s get up and move on!!!! No time for long sleep anymore, haha~

*That’s why the picture is astronaut. Because I want to fly, leave my comfort zone~  YOSH!!!

October 19, 2014


Halo, kembali lagi bersama saya, Putri, haha.. Long time no see guys. I am sorry to leave you a few months ago. I just feel a little disappoint because of something, haha, I will tell you next time :p.

So, now I want to take out my mind, about a word, “ciee”. I will start with the story.

Ah, wait, do you know what the exactly meaning of the word “ciee”? Cie is the word that point out to teasing someone. Example, there are a girl and boy eat together in the restaurant, and then their friends come to same restaurant. Their friends will say “cieee” to tease the girl and boy. “Cieee you are together like couples, cieee”. Another sample, if there is a student that win an award, you can tease him/her with saying “ciee, you were win award, cieee”. So the word “ciee” can used in any event, to tease somebody. My friend said that if someone say “cieee” to other, it’s mean that he/she was envious. Haha. But I not agree with my friend. :p

Ok now, this is the story.

Long time ago *haha not so long, actually*, it was my first time to learn something. In that time, I have around 4 or 5 friends that know first about that subject (I call they the master friends, haha). Because of that, I want to do acceleration in learn the subject. So I getting on my friends and ask many question about everything that I want to know and everything that I don’t understand. One time, we got a group task, and luckily I in a group with one of that master friends, let say his name A. When we do that task, my other friends always said “cieeee”. Why? Dunno. Just because we work together, only two of us? At that time I don’t care what the other people said. I still focus in my obsession, to get acceleration in the subject.

Three years later, I have increased my level, same as my “master friends” *yes*. And in those three years I have worked with A in same division. The word “ciee” have already familiar in my ears since I hear that nearly every day.

Akibatnya, perlahan timbul rasa yang berbeda di hati saya. *loh kok tiba-tiba ganti bahasa? Haha, biarin*. Kata-kata cie mengakibatkan saya seringkali berpikir, “kenapa sih di-cie-in mulu?”, “emang saya terlalu dekat ya sama dia? Perasaan biasa aja”, “jangan-jangan dia yang suka sama saya?” *mulai keGRan*, “emang kita cocok ya?”. Pikiran-pikiran itu muncul setiap kali kata cie muncul. And guess what, setiap pikiran itu muncul, kadang semua hal yang si A lakukan menjadi terlihat manis dan cool di mata saya. Akibatnya lagi, mulai timbul rasa suka saya terhadap si A, yang tersimpan dan perlahan menumpuk, dan memuncak. Rasanya itu kayak….”duh gue ngefans banget sama orang itu!”, “kya kya kyaa,, I like him, what should I do, kya kya kyaa..”, yah begitulah kira-kira.

Beberapa saat setelah puncak dari rasa itu, ada kabar bahwa si A jadian sama si B. Haha. Patah hati? Ga juga sih, cuma agak kesel aja awalnya, karena tiba-tiba sikap “manis”nya yang dulu jadi menyebalkan. Dan dia juga cukup pintar untuk membuat saya jadi ilfeel sama dia. Dalam waktu kurang dari 3 bulan saya berhasil menghapus rasa yang pernah ada, haha *kayak lagu aja neng*.

Mulai dari kejadian itu, saya mulai jadi kebal sama yang namanya “ciee”. Saking seringnya di-ciee-in, dan malah berakhir dengan di-php-in *tragis*.

Nah intinya, yang mau saya bilang adalah, hati-hati bilang kata ciee untuk urusan hati. Ketika kita mengatakan ciee ke dua orang (laki-laki dan perempuan), maka dalam lubuk hati mereka yang paling dalam, akan tertanam benih-benih rasa suka, atau ya paling tidak seperti yang saya ceritakan, muncul pikiran macam-macam, hayalannya terbang keliling dunia *naon*.

Tapi ada juga orang yang sudah kebal dengan kata ciee seperti saya ini. Mau di-cie-in sama orang yang ganteng (ini sih karena ga mungkin, haha) atau sama orang yang udah sering banget berinteraksi, atau bahkan sama orang yang gelagatnya udah kayak mau bilang “do you want to…build a snowman?” eh salah, maksudnya “do you want to be my girl?” *iyuuuh*, ga mempan. Serius. Udah pengalaman soalnya. Haha. Orang bilang cie itu cuma buat fun aja. Jadi kalo di-cie-in ga perlu mikir macem-macem. Cie-in lagi aja balik, haha.

Jadi yaaa.. hati-hati aja bilang kata ciee, haha..

Kisah sedih akibat kata cie (Sumber: Kaskus)
Kisah sedih akibat kata cie (Sumber: Kaskus)

God Connection

God connection. I just thinking about it. Now i was in a problem. Not a big problem, just hmmm, i dont know, i just feel cannot control my self. Badmood? Maybe.

They said: you need to show your prestigious.
Me: how can?? I mean, i didnt have any intention to do it.. Arrgghh

Like what just i said in previous post. I am in a inexpected position. I didnt have any motivation to do my job, right now. I want to be free, but i must do this job. Usually, before, when I were in this position, i can handle it, and let it flow. But why now? What happen to me?

I did evaluation to myself and get an answer. Was my God connection really bad? How bad?

Ah but yes. I admit that. I need to recover my connection to God. It just like if you have a project with your boss, and you got a problem. When you have a bad connection with your boss, so your problem will getting bad. The things that you need to resolve first is your conection. After that, you will get the clue to fix up the problem.

Now, why God? Of course, because God is the one and only who know us at all, who created us, and who can help our problem. God can do anything. And God have promise to fulfill all of our hope (in anything form).

Semangaaat!! -.-

March, 17th 2014