*frustrating* part 3: Two Month Left

Two month and half to go. I am getting nervous. I was not learning much yet. About the language, major lecture (?), plan for next thesis, etc. In this two month, I don’t have many times left to prepare. My time will be used to other things. Ah! It was my mistake, not used the time properly. Watching the movie all day in free time, oversleep, and waste my time. COME TO YOUR SENSES! Eugh, my bad.

Oh pleaseee.. Your next journey is not just a place for ‘play around’. You go there bring the name of your country, city, university, and faith. Don’t take this too easy.

So, what should I do now?

Don’t waste your time anymore. Take your time. Don’t be tempted by the ‘free time’. YOU ARE NOT FREE NOW. Take it seriously. But do it calmly. Keep relax, but not lazy. Fast but not hurry. Yeah. You can do it now. Right now! Yes, right now.

18 January 2015
One day before I must face the reality
The holidays is end!


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