MPIA Summer Internship: The Fate

After my several “galau” posts, now I want to share my experience story about a…hmm…what should I say, hmm.. opportunity? the fate?  Ya, lets’ say that. It was happened in early of this year.

8 January 2014

It was ~3 month after my graduation day. I still don’t know what I should do now. I mean, I confuse whether I must continued my study, or just married, or work. Then, my supervisor messaged me, and told me that there was information of internship program from MPIA (Max Plancx Institute fur Astronomy) at Germany, the place where my senior, Tri, was working. And, deadline for apply this internship was 1 February 2014. What a great opportunity, right?

So I look the link that my supervisor gave, and suddenly my adrenalin soars. Why?


“The institute proposes students to stay for one to three months (with flexibility). Travel costs are supported and a salary is offered (about 1000€/month, and 820€/month net with full social benefits), as necessary.”

So it was because of money? No, not at all. But I was motivated by the salary. This opportunity was so interesting, you can learn and have experience to do a research and then you get salary for that. Irresistible, right? 😀

In their internship, they provide a theme that similar (or nearly same) with my bachelor thesis. And guess what, the supervisor of that topic is author of my favorite paper. Awwwww… I really want to join his research. Really really really want it!

It was Max Planck Institute guys!! The famous organization with so many successful researches in Astronomy. Don’t it will be such a great experience if you have been there for research?

And the last, fourth,
It was Germany bro, it was Europe!! I want to have experience to traveling Europe. After Japan, I want to know the culture of European people.

Actually, I have a little worried. I was afraid for being abroad alone. But, let’s try it first. I still have a chance to be selected not alone, since they not accepted 1 person for 1 country.

1 February 2014

So, I was applied this internship in the last minute. For apply this internship, I must sent curriculum vitae, grades, a brief statement about my wishes to do this internship, and TOEFL for non-native English speaker who are not studying in an English-speaking university (if available). Not a difficult requirements, right?

In that time, I was made my motivation letter with a “lebay” statements *haha*. And for the content of email, I write this:

mpia internship

*If you want to look at my curriculum vitae and motivation letter, you can download it here: Application for Summer Internship at MPIA-.*

Hopefully, I accepted. This was my hope. I really want to be accepted. The result will come in early March 2014. So I just can pray (to be selected) and waiting for the result.

27 February 2014

I was waiting for the result. Today, was not the day of announcement, but suddenly I got the email from MPIA.

mpia internship-accepted

*shocked* *shocked* *shocked* *shocked* *shocked*

I got this email when I was eating with my friends. And I was shocked. “Is this meaning that I am accepted?” *speechless* . I feel so happy. So I told my supervisor here about this email. He said, yesterday he got a call from his friend, Tri, that work in MPIA, Germany. He asked about me, about my bachelor thesis, and many more. And it was look like I will be accepted. Actually, this email not indicated that I have been accepted, but I just accepted to be a short list of interns. BUT, it means that I was passed the first selection. Aaaaah, *flying* *happy*

After got this email, I ask my friends that apply this internship. They didn’t got the email yet. So I was waited for several days, until they got the announcement of this internship. Unfortunately, all of my friends were not accepted. And suddenly my motivation was going down. Why? Because if I accepted, I will be there alone. Ah, not alone actually, since there was my senior that work in MPIA. So I feel a little relaxed. So, I wait for the final result.

31 March 2014

My supervisor got a call again and again from my senior, his friend, Mas Tri. But, unfortunately, he can’t hear that call clearly. Don’t know why. But essentially, Mas Tri said that MPIA can’t accept me because there were miscommunication of the committee and researcher (my supervisor wanna be). After that, I got this email.

mpia internship-cancel
So, in the end, I was “di-php-in”, haha, I mean, I only given a false hope. Yes, I was disappointed, of course. But, I know, this is the best of fate that I get. God know what the best for me. Yes, this is the best choice for me, I am sure.

Ah ya, when I was applied this internship, in early February, I was think that I must practice English hard, since my English was not good enough. So I make a 365 Project of blog’s post. After the result come out, I feel disappointed, and stop that project for a moment. After several months, I realize that is the best way for me, and start to continue my 365 project. So, yes, this is my reason for being silent in this blog for several months. I am sorry for this.

MPIA internship is open again now. And maybe will be open in every early year. If you want to join, you can get the information there. Actually this is really big opportunity. Maybe you have a different fate with me, hehe. Just try it, and apply! Hopefully I can apply this internship again, but I have different activity that I must finish it first.

So, this is my story. See you in my next story.. 🙂


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