*frustrating* part 2: Advice

What a terrify subject, haha. Actually I want to use “Advice before study aboard: Japan” for the title, but… but… since I am not face it yet, and this advice make me little scared, so I choose this title.

This afternoon, after the mid exam, my lecturer was invited alumni of DDP’s student come to my class. They were told us about they experience in Japan. What should and not to do in Kanazawa, Japan. Really interesting, but some time it were make me not confident.

A: Culture of Japan and Indonesia is different enough, especially in time matter. If you have meeting in 1 o’clock, you must be there 10 minutes before. Being late is forbidden there~. One time you are late, they expectation of you will be down. And remember, your attitude have a value of country’s pride.

A: I was study in Om’s laboratory. Anybody here get the same sensei?
… (nothing)
A: So who are your sensei(s)?
Me: Sai** sensei
A: Oh! So it will be same. In Om’s laboratory, you have to seminar once or twice every week, in Sai** sensei laboratory it can be two to five times in a week.
Me: *headache*

A: There, the laboratory is like an office, just enjoy it!

A: You must be at laboratory before your sensei come, and go home after he leave.

A: Don’t be too noisy. They love silence. Generally, Indonesian people can’t life without talking *haha*, but there, especially in the laboratory you FORBIDDEN to be noisy. Haha. That will disturb the other.

A: When you walk or biking, don’t make a horizontal line, I mean, don’t walk in a row.

A: When you have a good work, they will give you more and more work. They will love you.
Me: So, if you don’t want to have so much work, don’t do a good work :v *wrong conclusion*

And.. the last quote that make me strong:

Don’t feel too burdened, not all Japanese people attitudes were good, and not all Indonesian attitudes were bad. Take the good one, and leave the bad one.

Hmmmm, what else?? I will add more if I remember.

So, Putri, what are you doing now?? You must work hard, do you?


*about the picture, don’t be like this, you are blocking the way! haha. This picture was taken when I was in Japan for winter school, 2 years ago. My friend, Retno, take this picture 🙂


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