A   : Have you prepared yourself to go to Kanazawa? How about the scholarship?
Me: I still don’t have it (scholarship) yet. *worried*

B   : I know you have so many home works. But, you MUST learn more and more about quantum physics. Quantum in Astronomy that you have learned here (in Astronomy Program Study) is not enough. You must learn the higher level of this, since in Kanazawa you will get much, much, and much higher level of quantum physics.
Me: *shock*

C   : Have you done all of your homework? Tomorrow is the exam day. The home-works must be sent to the lecturer before the exam.
Me: I have nearly 12 (big) home-works and I don’t even understand all of it, how can I finish it in the short time? 😦 *nosebleed*

D   : The proceedings must be sent at end of this month. Have you sent it?
Me: I haven’t even made it 😦 *fainting*

E    : you have so many tasks to do, what are you doing in this time??
Me: *frustrating*

Oh GOD, help me~
I think this year, and the next two years will be the challenging time. *sniff sniff*

If I continue my study in Astronomy, maybe this will not happen. Since all lecturer in Astronomy very kind and care. Also I can ask everything to them, everywhere, every time. Also, I have so many friends to discuss. Astronomy is absolutely my comfort zone.

Sometime I must leave my comfort zone to upgrade my skill. Muahahahaha *ngomong naon atuh put*.

SO, Let’s get up and move on!!!! No time for long sleep anymore, haha~

*That’s why the picture is astronaut. Because I want to fly, leave my comfort zone~  YOSH!!!

October 19, 2014


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