God Connection

God connection. I just thinking about it. Now i was in a problem. Not a big problem, just hmmm, i dont know, i just feel cannot control my self. Badmood? Maybe.

They said: you need to show your prestigious.
Me: how can?? I mean, i didnt have any intention to do it.. Arrgghh

Like what just i said in previous post. I am in a inexpected position. I didnt have any motivation to do my job, right now. I want to be free, but i must do this job. Usually, before, when I were in this position, i can handle it, and let it flow. But why now? What happen to me?

I did evaluation to myself and get an answer. Was my God connection really bad? How bad?

Ah but yes. I admit that. I need to recover my connection to God. It just like if you have a project with your boss, and you got a problem. When you have a bad connection with your boss, so your problem will getting bad. The things that you need to resolve first is your conection. After that, you will get the clue to fix up the problem.

Now, why God? Of course, because God is the one and only who know us at all, who created us, and who can help our problem. God can do anything. And God have promise to fulfill all of our hope (in anything form).

Semangaaat!! -.-

March, 17th 2014


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