Love Is An Open Door

Frozen. Who didn’t know about this movie? This is a great movie with great musical. Why? I don’t know. I just feel this movie was sooooo deep.. haha..

I knew this movie from my friend. She was played a song on her laptop, “do you wanna build a snowman?” song. I was curious, so I searched it. I watched the clip of that song, and suddenly I love it, hahaha.. Anna is so cute.

And then, I downloaded this movie, and watched it. Ahhh, sad movie, funny movie, awesome! For the first time I heard “let it go” song, it was so hurt my heart. Haha.. It’s just like, hmmm, hell yeah I know this feeling, hahahaha.. love it!

Few days later, my friend tells me about the other language versions of that song. “Uculno” is the Javanese version of “let it go” song. The song lyric looks like very imposed (did I choose right word?). I mean, the lyric has (very) different meaning with original song. And it’s little funny, haha.. So I searched again the other language of “let it go” song. Addicted! How about the parody of these songs? You must try to search it. Some kind of fun, but my internet quota was depletes by large intensities of opened YouTube. :p

The best song ever of Disney’s movies (that I watched) is “Love is an open door” song. Although I feel disappointed to Hans, since he betrayed Anna who was loves him at the first met. Anna, why you so naive? Okay, forget the story. I love this song! Am I just fall in love with someone? Hahaha, no no no! I just wondered if there is someone who will sing this song for me. :p

You and I were just meant to be :p

March, 10th 2014


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