Mashed Potato ala Putri :p #day9

Have you ever been eat mashed potato?

Do you like it? I like it 😀

Now, in this post I want to share my weird recipe (haha) to you all. I have tried to make it before, but I didn’t take the photo. So, today I make it again and certainly take the photos. This is the recipe..

1 kg        Potato
200 ml  Whipped Cream
1 tbsp   Margarine
125 gr   Grated cheese


  1. Wash the potatoes until neat
  2. Boil the potato in 30 minutes
  3. Peeled the potatoes and mashed it
  4. Warm margarine and cream together, but don’t be boiled up
  5. Mixed them all. And, ta-daa, this is it, Mashed potato ala Putri 😉

You can also add milk (100ml) if you want.

Really simple to make, right? 😉

mashed potato


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