About Writing Stuff #day8

Do you know? For some people, writing is not easy, but is really fun stuff for the other people. Writing to sharing something is different with writing diary. Yeah, not similar at all I think.

In diary, I mean personal diary, you can write everything you want. You can write about your school, work, friend, enemy, hope, and everything, yeah everything! No one can complain about your writing. No one can be annoyed about your stuff. And also, the other people should will not know about your personal stuff. So, writing in personal diary is really easy since you don’t have any restriction.

That’s different with writing in blog. Yaaaa, of course you can use your blog as your diary, not personal diary, since the other people will know about your stuff. That will be really annoying. In blog, you can share about something which not too personally. So, this is the boundary. In blog, you can share your good stuff, also your though to the people. This is the fun part of my 365 Project. But, sharing good stuff, good post everyday is not easy. Sometime I felt lazy to write. Sometime I have no though to share. Sometime I have no damn idea to write.

Haha, I feel really absurd today. I just want to say, yesterday I missed my post, I mean, I was not writing any single post yesterday. Hiks, 😦 I’m sorry everybody, I’m sorry myself..

6 February 2014


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