Study Astronomy #day7

Today, I will make this post special. Why? Because, I am going to write a bilingual post. Why? Because, special for this content, I want all people in all country (haha) can understand my post, especially in my country.

Every time I open my dashboard blog, I always see a search about studying astronomy. I think many people are curious about studying astronomy. Yeah, don’t be shy, I know that. When I was senior high school student, I decided to study in astronomy majors. Do you know what people expression?

“What?? Putri, why did you choose Astronomy’s majors? What will you be in the future? Where will you work in the future?”


“Astronomy? What is that? Astrology? Are you become an astrologer?”

Yeah, something like that. The first expression represent that the askers have knew about astronomy, but just a little, not too much. Then the second expression represent that the askers didn’t know about astronomy at all. So, in this post I want to tell you that studying astronomy is SO AMAZING. You can learn about yourself, your life, your future, and your past.

Astronomy is about “WHY question”. Why sun shine? Why there are so many stars? Why the Earth spins? Why the night dark? Why we have the moon? Why we live in the Earth? Why? Why? Why and many more why.

After we know little bit about why, then we ask “HOW CAN”. How can stars shine? How can the meteors fall? How can we know the Earth revolve the Sun? How can we measure distance between Earth and Sun, or Earth and Jupiter, or Sun and the stars? How can we see so many stars and galaxies? And the other how can questions.

Then, we will ask other questions, with various forms. Yes, Astronomy is about your curious. You can ask whatever you want to know about this universe.

In first year at ITB, you will get into Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, together with physic, mathematics and chemistry students wanna be. There you will study about basic science like physic, calculus, chemistry, and conceptual science. Also you will get public lectures about sport, scientific writing, etc. How about astronomy lecture? You just will get lecture about the universe system (in general explanation). Just 9 hour in two semesters. On the end of semester, you must choose you majors, Astronomy, Physic, Chemistry, or Mathematics.

In second year, when you have been in the Astronomy majors, you will study about introduction of astronomy, basic astronomy, and continue your basic science (but more deep and specific) for study astronomy. The lectures are astrophysics, statistics in astronomy, practical astronomy, mathematical method in astronomy, basic astronomy laboratory, thermodynamics (physic), mechanics (physic), and electricity and magnetism (physic).

In third year, you will study more and more about astronomy, but still basic and introduction. The lectures are celestial mechanics, solar system, processes in astrophysics (like quantum physic), waves (physic), computational astronomy, gravitation and cosmology, physics of Galaxy, and stellar physics. For me, this is the best year to do a deep learning of astronomy. When in second year, I don’t know why we (really) must study that (some lecture) stuff. But in third year, I have been aware that is the important basic to study astronomy. I have enjoyed my study in this grade.

Ah ya, there are also many elective courses you can take. The elective courses are interstellar matter, calendar system, stellar evolution, observational astrophysics, dynamics of stellar system, etc.

In the last year, you must do your bachelor thesis. You can start at third year if you want (and if you have a big ambition). There are three kind of research you can do: observation, computation, and theoretical. And there are three fields or areas of the topic: ‘solar system’, ‘stellar physic’, and ‘galaxy and cosmology’. Doing research in the last year of your majors is really fun. Really. I am serious, not kidding. You will be guided by your supervisor. All supervisors in astronomy majors at ITB are very kind, smart (of course), creative, and—the most important—care. Don’t be afraid and enjoy it.

Over all, study in astronomy make me more curious about the Universe. Just study in the class is not enough. You must try to observing a lot, reading a lot, and make discussion a lot. That will make you perfect! One thing you must always remember: the more you learn, the less you know.

For the least, I know you are still curious about your work in the future. To be honest, in this country, whatever your majors, you can work wherever you want (with specific skills requirement, of course). But, being scientists are better, that’s a great choice! You have the skills, but the other not. Scientist position cannot be replaced by the other. Just people who graduated from sciences majors can be a scientist, am I right? You are the chosen one!

For you, who want to enter Astronomy major at ITB,
4 February 2014


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