About 365 project #day5

I hope it will not be late for me to explain about my 365 project. Do you want to know what 365 project is? Actually 365 project is project of the photographers. They took a photograph every day, and post it on social media like tumblr, flickr, blog, or etc. They do it every day in a year. The purposes are to development their skills and get comments (such as suggestion, criticism, or just motivation) by share it to the other. I got inspiration from them. Not just for my photography skill, but also for my English skill.

I lack at English since Junior high school because I hate the teacher. Now I regret it because English is important for me now. It’s OK, I enjoyed that now. Haha.

So this is my 365 project. I will write posts everyday in a year. It’s just like a diary, right? Haha.. My purpose is same, to development my skill and get comments from you are. So, please tell me if I’m wrong. I’m free with that 🙂

My project has been start on 29th January 2014 and will end on 28th January 2015 if nothing significant disturbance.

Any question? :p


5 tanggapan untuk “About 365 project #day5”

  1. The most difficult part of this project is consistency, right..? Sure I write everyday, but I don’t have this biggest courage to post it on wordpress every single day. (Did I mention that I’m shy? Haha. Kidding)

    By the way, I usually heard people said, “lack of….” instead of “lack at…” – for example : people nowadays lack of time to do their house chores by themselves, or, this coffee is lack of sugar, und so weiter (etc in Germany 😀 ).

    May I say that your English really improved? Now I can really enjoy your writings more than before. Congratulation..! Now practice can really makes perfect. Fighting..! 😀

    1. Yeah, consistency is the hard part of this project. I really on fire for writing at first. But also, sometime I feel lazy to write.

      oh yes, you’re right. Haha, thanks for the correction tan! Really helpful 🙂

      Really? I think so, hehe. But still, I need your kindness to comment or just read my other posts, hehe 😉
      How if you try this project for your Germany language skill? Sometime this is really fun to do.

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