Study Abroad: from unenthusiastic to be addicted #day4

Study abroad. Who doesn’t want to study abroad? Some people maybe will think twice about study abroad, like me 8 years ago. But many people would like to study abroad, I think. Why? Because, you can see another life, weather (maybe), culture, thought, and another things if you going abroad. Come on, the world is really wide (not as wide as the universe of course). Isn’t this interesting if you can go around the world? I prefer going around the world to study. Once you oaring, two or three island will be reached (that is an Indonesian proverb). 😀

Do you know? My country is so comfortable. There is neither winter nor summer season. There is just rainy and sunny season. The Sun is rise and set on same average-time, all days in a year. Everywhere and every time you can find the garden or tree or at least the grass. Almost all of province has a beaches and mountains. There are so many beaches with various sand colors or type. If you like to hiking, there are so many mountains with various altitudes, panoramas, and craters. Also with this condition, there are so many kinds of animals. This country is like a heaven. Soooooo comfortable. This is Indonesia. The country over the equator. Ah I was remember the lyric of the song by Koes Ploes (the group band from Indonesia) that famous on ‘90 era.

“Bukan lautan, hanya kolam susu. Kail dan jala cukup menghidupimu. Tiada badai tiada ombak kau temui. Ikan dan udang menghampiri dirimu. Orang bilang tanah kita tanah surga. Tongkat kayu dan batu jadi tanaman. Orang bilang tanah kita tanah surga. Tongkat kayu dan batu jadi tanaman.“

OK, let me try to translate it.

“This is not ocean, but milk-pond. Hook and net are enough to give you a life. You neither meet a storm nor wave, but fish and shrimp come close to you. The people say our land is a heaven. Stick and rock can be plants. Said the people our land is a heaven. Stick and rock can be plants.”

Hey hey, are we going to talk about study abroad? Why you tell me about how comfortable your country?

Haha, keep calm bro. the thing that I want to say is, although my country is really comfortable, I still want to see the other countries, the other cities. I want to see the snow, aurora, penguins –the funniest animal I ever ever ever seen (in the TV of course :p), and everything else. The neighbor grass is look more interesting than mine, right? (that is an Indonesian proverb again) Haha..

Study abroad is another way to going around the world. The people say, Europe and America have the best institution for study. That’s a chance too, right? You will see the world wide with the thoughts of them. Really fun, right?

Eight years ago, I had uninterested to going abroad. Four years ago, I start curious about that. Two years ago I have experience about that. And now I want more, hahaha.. :p

Two years ago my lecturer offered me to participated winter school at NAOJ (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan) Tokyo, Japan. Winter, yeah winter. I hope can see a snow there. See my story there. This year, my lecturer as know as my supervisor offered me (again) to participate summer internship at MPIA (Max Planck Institute fur Astronomie), Heidelberg, Germany, and (or) summer school at Leiden Observatory, Netherlands. My application has been sent. I really really hope I can join the internship at Germany because the offered topic is so interesting. They offered the similar topic with my bachelor thesis. I feel really excited. That’s amazing, right?

But there is summer right? That will be hot right? *sigh*But I think there is a chance to see an aurora, can I? I am not so sure because the Germany latitude not high enough to see an aurora. But still, I want to join this internship. Really really really want :D. The announcement of participant will come out on the beginning of March. God, pleeeeaaasseee.. I really want to go there..


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