Train is The Best Public Transportation (for me) #day3

Today is the first time for me going from Jogja to Bandung using train economy class. Actually, this train rather not comfortable than the train I ever use. Of course haha.. Today this train (this railway coach I mean) was full. In this train, we sit face to face and do you know? the gap between seat to seat is really tight. Ohh poor me 😦 I can not even straighten my legs. Really weary, right?

But actually, train is better than bus. Oh ya, I mean it’s better for traveling to far away places. In the train, I can move to another seat –to the empty seat of course (I’m not suggest this action since illegal :p, but that really fun :p), I can charge my phone, and the most important I can walking around if I fell weary haha.. When the train runs, you will not fell the (huge) shaking. In contrast to the bus, you will fill the huge shaking. Really. Especially if you are going across the damaged roads. Chance of carsick when you have travel with bus is really big. Except if all roads that you passed is good, not damaged.

OK, back to my story haha..

Guess what did I do in the train! *chuckle* Since my seat is tight, I walk to another railway coach. Do you know what have I seen? The next door railway coach is vacant! So, lets have fun :p. I move to that railway coach, and I can sleep quitely there haha :p

31 January 2014,

On the way to Bandung


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