Panic #day2


What’s the date today? 30th January? OK, it’s mean I still have 1 day more to submitting my application for summer internship at Max Planck Institute fur Astronomie. Today I have plan to finish my application since that will be not good if I finish it in the last minute, right? I will be panic, and do that in rush. I don’t want it.

That’s what I am planned. But suddenly my mom invite me to joining the trip (with my dad too) to Yogyakarta. There is a holiday, a great time to visit my grandma. FYI, my grandma was sick, she got a stroke since one week ago.

Of course I was panic! I must finish my application tonight, but I have to go this afternoon. Do I really must to go? *thinking hard* Errrmhh.. How if I not join your trip? If I am not join, so…I will be at home…alone! OMG! That’s not a choice. *thinking hard* What should I do? How if I finish it now? Ah, impossible. I will not have a great think/idea as usual if I am in panic. But finally I choose to do it now. That impossible, but I need to try. And FAILED (of course). Haha. I can not concentrate.

If you were me, what will you do?

20 minute later…

I open and read the website page which announce the internship. I read the whole page again, and guess what! The registration of the internship was open UNTIL 1st February, not BEFORE 1st February. Yeah! So I still have 1 day remaining to finish my application :p

When something happen, don’t be panic at first. Keep calm, and think briefly. So you can get a better solution. 🙂

Ah, what a day. Hope I get a safe trip. Bye!

On the bus,

30 January 2014



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