This is the First Step! #day1

Hello everybody!!

Welcome back to my blog, and keep reading my blog. Hahaha.. After more than one year I haven’t write anything in this blog, now I come back to you! Hahaha *geje* (geje is a phrase with meaning absurd(?), or maybe (more precise if I say) that is an expression for something that not important)

Today, in this post, I want to tell you about something. What is it? Are you curious? Hahaha

Start today, I WILL posting something in my blog using English EVERYDAY. Haha..

Why? Because I think this is a way for me to practice speaking English, since I am a shy people *ciee*, and quite people. I am not extremely reserved, but I prefer to keep quite in a group of people. When I need or needed to speak, I certainly will speak, with a wise word, haha *kidding*. Yes, I have introvert personality. But if I have already familiar with someone, I will be a pleasant person. Really.

Ah ya, how do you think? Is there any grammar wrong in my post? I will be pleasure if you tell me if I am wrong. I am still learning, and very receptive if there any suggestion. 🙂

OK, that’s all I want to say today. Let’s see what the next post 🙂

Thank you so much everybody! Hehe..

Bandung, 29 Jan 2014


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