Yes, I am afraid -_-

Okay, this is the first time for me to write post with English. Actually, I hate English language when I was junior high and high school. Something happen, and I really do not like this language. Until I went to collage, I realized that English language is important. And I try to learn it a little bit, but not so serious :p

In the third year of collage, there are so many offers to going abroad and attend winter school or summer school. Some of my friend try to apply they application. And of course, I have absolutely no interest in this offers. I just seen, and said, “Fighting! You can do it! God bless you.” to my friend. And I am really have no interest in this opportunity. 🙂 Do you know why? Yeah, because I can not speak English! In fact, in my deep hearth, I want to going abroad and share my thought, especially about astronomy. But I was afraid to do this, even thinking about it too.

Two months ago, my lecturer offered me to participate winter school in Japan with certain conditions. And I can meet these requirements (I guess, too confidence, :p). It was hard to me. It was difficult to refuse an offer from your lecturer, and also difficult to fight your principles, or perhaps your fear. Haha. It was really hard for me. And then finally, I try to fight my fear, and try to apply application to this winter school. Huh, I still feel afraid. How can I go abroad without the ability to speak English?

Haaaaaaa~ I am afraid! Especially when I got the announcement that I was selected to be participant at this winter school. But I was relieved when I know there are 6 people from Indonesia who accepted too. At least, I can count on them, hehe.

Finally I was going abroad with limited English language skills. And of course, I prefer to be quiet when met with another people from another country. Just smile and say “Hi!”, that I can do :p. I really afraid to speak English when meet each other. My brain has stop working and when I try to move my mouth, the words just don’t come out -____-. no matter how I try, it keep like that -____- (or maybe my efforts was not good enough).

Haaaaaah, now I think that I have to improve my English language skills!
Come on Putri, you are not kids anymore. Don’t be afraid! Let’s try something different! Let’s try something amazing, for your life, your faith, your country, and your world. You can do it, I’m sure! :p

Bandung, 12-12-12

when I stuck of a lecture
for exam tomorrow :p


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